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Interview with Sr Norma Pimentel, Executive Director Catholic Charities of Rio Grande Valley, TX

Sister Pimentel has been on the front lines of mercy for three decades, supporting migrants who are seeking refuge in the U.S. along Texas’ border with Mexico. Sr. Pimentel directs efforts to provide shelter, food, sanctuary, and comfort to people often treated as less than human. Her organization has housed and assisted well over 100,000 people at the border.

Join us for an informative conversation with Sister Norma Pimentel about the on-going crisis at the southern border.

Immigrant Letter Writing Workshop

Immigrants working their way through the U.S. immigration system are often asked by immigration officials to provide letters of support from U.S. residents to document the benefits the immigrants have provided to our community. Those of us who are asked to write these letters want very much to help but are often uncertain how to write these letters.

Here is a chance to learn how: The Circle of Support at Nativity/St. Charles invites you to see a virtual workshop to help you write strong letters of support for members of our parishes, Circles, and communities.

We are excited to host special guests at this event: Justice Maura Corrigan, former MI Supreme Court Justice and member of the Nativity/St Charles Circle of Support and Veronica Beltran, Immigration Attorney at the Southwest Detroit Immigrant and Refugee Center

New President, New Hope?

In light of the Presidential inauguration of Joe Biden --- What can we expect?

What are immigrants in the US hoping for -- and afraid of -- as we move into a new Administration? What will take work on our part?

Mony Ruiz-Velasco is Alianza Americas’ Associate Director for Building Power. She has worked 20 years as an immigration lawyer, and 5 years as Director of the Western (Chicago) Suburbs Action Project (PASO) and served as Board Chair of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrants and Refugees (ICIR). She is excited to meet with us here in Michigan.

Click here for the Powerpoint

The Election--and Our Road Ahead

What did we learn from this election?
Guests with a deep understanding of people and politics in issues like immigration, inequality, racism, and economic health joined us in a panel discussion:
1) U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell serving Michigan's 12th congressional district.
2) State Senator Marshall Bullock  serves as state representative to Allen Park City, Detroit, Lincoln Park, Southgate. He is also Chairperson of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus.
3) Oscar Chacon is co‐founder and executive director of Alianza Americas and frequent national and international spokesperson on migration policies, racism, xenophobia and U.S. Latino community issues. 

Election Season: A Call to Action!

We need to take this opportunity to make sure our elected representatives are aware of the issues important to us. But how do we do that?

Reverend Tillis Chapman

August 2020 - Rev. Chapman, at the invitation of Governor Whitmer, has created a group of pastors and religious leaders to advocate for reform in policing and the Criminal Justice System in Michigan. Rev. Chapman presented proposals in Lansing on June 25th. This video is the Rev. Chapman's report to STRANGERS NO LONGER. Rev. Chapman is Pastor of Galilee Baptist Church (Detroit), and former President of Detroit Council of Baptist Pastors.


August 2020 - Fr. Dave Buersmeyer of St. Regis Parish in Bloomfield Township, MI leads us in a review of how Catholic Social Teaching developed with supporting Scriptural touchstones along with a discussion of the Core Principles Integrating Catholic Social Teaching into our journey toward a justice- centered spirituality.  For the pamphlet he references in the video click here.

Immigration Law in the United States: Then and Now

July 2020 - Immigration Attorney Melanie Goldberg provides you with a no-nonsense background on Immigration law, policies and current issues with some historical perspective. Immigration law and policies are changing daily under the current administration. 

Historical Background for the Causes of Mexican and Central American Migration

July 2020 - Gail Presbey, Professor at University of Detroit Mercy, presents a brief history of the ancient civilizations in present-day Mexico and Central America, the impact of the U.S. military and political interventions in the region throughout the 20th century, and Liberation Theology which has led to courageous efforts to end the exploitation of the poor.

The Current Situation: Immigration Rights and Legislation

July 2020 - Yanira Arias, Campaign Manager, Alianza Americas and Andrew Moore, Professor, University of Detroit Law School discuss recent Supreme Court decisions. They also consider upcoming legal battles regarding immigration, DACA students, and individuals with temporary protected status (TPS.)

Immigration Crisis and Our Faith

June 2020 - Why are immigrants leaving their home countries?  Why can’t they come legally?  How do immigrants impact our society?  What does Catholic Social Teaching tell us?