Our Assembly for Human Dignity Inspires SNL to Travel to Lansing on February 28th

Do you realize that over 100,000 people who live, work, raise children, and pay taxes in Michigan do not have access to a driver’s license or state ID due to their immigration status?

Do you also realize that, until 2008, these individuals were eligible for these forms of ID? We took that right away from them. Since then, some Michigan legislators have introduced bills, known as the Drive Safe bills, to reinstate that right at every new legislative session but have not even been able to even get a hearing in committee.  

At our Assembly for Human Dignity on December 9th, State Senators Mary Cavanagh and Jeff Irwin and State Representatives Tyrone Carter and Regina Weiss heard  testimony about this problem and pledged to reintroduce Drive Safe legislation in the first quarter of 2023.

We need to help start the process of getting this legislation passed. On Tuesday, February 28th SNL will hold a “Drive Safe Advocacy Day” where we will travel to Lansing to meet with our own personal legislators to introduce the Drive Safe bills and push for their support.

We hope to have 100+ advocates join us and we plan to talk to at least 35 legislators. WE NEED YOU!! SNL will organize the meetings with our legislators and supply supporting material - but we need you there in person and spirit to join with our voices.

Assembly to Affirm Human Dignity What a Celebration!

Over 350 people gathered at the Carpenters & Millwrights Training Center in Detroit on Friday, December 9th for our first-ever Assembly to Affirm Human Dignity and to endorse our platform of issues immigrants face every day living in Michigan.

With rousing prayer and song and testimonies, we welcomed each other as well as representatives from Oakland and Macomb counties and the City of Detroit. State Senators Mary Cavanagh and Jeff Irwin and State Representatives Tyrone Carter and Regina Weiss were in attendance. 60 students from six area Catholic high schools were present as well.

There was great fellowship and tons of energy. Everyone present promised to work to get bills passed that will allow Michigan residents to obtain drivers licenses without regard to immigration status.
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Click here to see video of the event.

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SNL Promotes COVID Vaccine Education and Access to Spanish Communities 

In March SNL was awarded a $39,000 grant through Alianza Americas from the CDC to concentrate on farmworker, essential worker, and Spanish-speaking hard-to-reach populations.

Our task is to increase the number of people getting vaccines through presentations and by working with county health department pop-up vaccine clinics.

We raised another $10,000 from CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) as a Technical Assistance grant.

With these funds, we formed a Statewide Team with the four diocesan Directors of Hispanic Ministry in Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Lansing and Gaylord and with the directors of Hispanic Ministry in North Macomb (Sr. Val Knoche) and St. Mary Ann Arbor (Amy Ketner).

We will learn a lot about farmworkers and food processing plants through this effort and, most importantly, we are building new relationships statewide!

SNL's Statewide COVID Education Partners

Strangers No Longer is a network of parishes and congregations creating Circles of Support. . .

to provide assistance to immigrants in our area and to advocate for a comprehensive and humane immigration policy. We do this to put into practice the example of Jesus and Pope Francis: to receive strangers (the migrants) as our own brothers and sisters. Our support is shown in four ways:

1) Education – We strive to educate in the parishes and congregations about U.S. immigration policy, the effect it is having on real people, and the needs that arise out of this policy.

2) Direct Support/Accompaniment – We work with families directly in many ways including accompanying immigrant families to court, and providing transportation, translation, and emergency financial support.

3) Advocacy – We advocate for more humane policies and practices toward immigrants at local, state, and national levels -- meeting with local officials, asking them to make policies and practices that reflect the values of the parish.

4) Spiritual Integration - The work of Strangers No Longer is deeply rooted in scripture, the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching, and the experience of the presence of God in the lives of the people we serve and our members. The Spiritual Integration team supports the members during leadership and larger assembly meetings through reflections on where God is moving in individuals and the organization.

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“We cannot remain insensitive, our hearts deadened before the misery of so many innocent people. We must not fail to weep. We must not fail to respond.”

Pope Francis

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